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Voluminous Arts is a creative support network disguised as a record label. It was established by transdisciplinary artist Gavilán Rayna Russom after decades of struggling to be seen and heard through conventional channels. While the initial intent was simply to create a safe place for her own work, on March 10th, 2020 she officially launched the label with the explicit goal of supporting and disseminating works by other boundary pushing artists whose creativity might otherwise be vulnerable to the same kinds of flattening Rayna had experienced. Following precedents in queer lineage she designed the label as a vehicle through which she could use her difficult experiences to open the channel for other artists to achieve their goals without encountering those same difficulties. Consistent with Rayna’s insistence on challenging genres, fixed categories and binaries, the label will be developing as it unfolds; from an outlet for releasing music to a comprehensive alternative to corporate platforms and homogenized consumption models, one that sees culture as part of larger social frameworks and nurtures those frameworks through exchange rather than extracting materials from them for sale in the marketplace. Voluminous Arts has been critically shaped by its launch just days before the period of quarantine brought on by the Coronavirus global pandemic and sees itself as oriented towards building for the world we currently live in and the worlds to come, rather than towards attempting to make old models work or re-invigorate them with mild reforms.

Gavilán Rayna Russom

Gavilán Rayna Russom is a transdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Over the past two decades she has produced a complex and compelling body of creative output that fuses theory with expression, nightlife with academia and spirituality with everyday life. Rayna’s renowned prowess with analog and digital synthesizers as composing instruments locates itself within her larger vision of synthesis; an artistic method of weaving together highly differentiated strands of information and creative material into cogent expressive wholes. The central thread of this practice is the exploration of liminality as a healing agent, a phenomenon she has been engaged with since childhood and has researched at an astounding depth. Her work is cumulative and experiential. It requires time and attention to take in, and it powerfully rewards those who bring their time and attention to it.

Crystal Peñalosa

Crystal Peñalosa (she/they) is an artist and interdisciplinary designer based in New York. Their work focuses on self-compassion practices while engaging with authenticity and personal safety. She has performed collaboratively and presented solo works in New York at The New School, MoMA PS1, Roulette, Issue Project Room, SPEKTRUM in Berlin, and at the Golden Pudel in Hamburg. She currently works with the veteran underground record label Generations Unlimited, Voluminous Arts record label, and with the New Jersey Governor’s Office of Innovation.

Cam Franklin

Cam Franklin (they/them) is a singer, writer and performing artist based in Brooklyn. Cam’s voice and written material have been showcased at several venues across New York City, including Joe’s Pub, Trans Pecos, Bowery Electric, The Bitter End, and Radio City Music Hall. In pursuit of BFA’s in Recorded Music and Social Cultural Analysis at NYU, Cam is currently researching the history of NYC nightlife and its resiliency through over-policing and 311 noise complaints.

Ris Gumpert

Ris Gumpert (he/they) arrived from the planet Italodisco to destroy gender and fulfill all merch needs in the timeliest of fashions. Ris is a musician and performance artist who has performed and produced shows in countless venues across Brooklyn, lower Manhattan, and Queens since 2011. Ris’s passion resides primarily in community building and ending our dependence on structures that continue to harm and oppress us.

Rae Cunningham

Rae Cunningham (they/them) is a musician, visual artist, and creative coder based in Manhattan, NY. They are currently completing a BFA in Recorded Music and a minor in Interactive Media Arts—dedicating much of their academic study to researching and building software instruments with a focus on accessibility. Rae is also a part of multiple musical artist projects that have work centering around being genderqueer, existentialism, and the modern day apocalypse.

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